Carbide Buttons

Carbide buttons tips

Supported by expertise and experience of our tech team of 20 people, GooCarbide Inc. has been offering a full range of tungsten carbide rock drilling buttons for 11 years. You can expect these tools for a wide variety of applications from mining exploration to construction to elevate your productivity to a new level. Displace your worries of safety and invalidation of tools by enjoying the high efficiency to excavate the earth’s crust for its precious deposit or complete your project without downtime, with the fangs we make for you.

Types of carbide button tips

Conical coal drilling tip

Carbide tips with mediocre abrasion resistance but the highest compact strength comparing to tips in other shapes. Therefore, the risk of wearing down and getting a fracture in bits with this kind of tips is the lowest.

Wedge button

Cutting rocks in way of press strong shearing force on rock surface. It’s fit to drilling in soft rock formation at high penetrating way.

Ridge button tips

Accomplish a cutting efficiency higher from 6 to 8 times than other types of tips in soft soil and sandy formation.

Flat teeth

Suitable for working as cone bit tips and PDC bit’s protection inserts.

Mushroom button tip

It can be applied on DTH bits, cone drag picks. With peculiar shape, this type of carbide tips effectively reduces the risk of tips dropping out. Extensively used in open pit excavation, quarry mining, gas&oil well drilling to exploit deposit in medium hard rock ground.

Cone button tip

With superior abrasion and impact toughness and higher penetrating rate surpass other carbide tips in hard rocks.

Applications of carbide buttons

Tips on coal shearer’ drag pick

Drag picks travel on the rock surface to be excavated and cut the rock by dragging the rock piece of the pick face. They produce enough compressive, shear and tensile stresses.

We’ve selected the most optimum design on the basis of coal cutting rate and temperature that may be generated during the process.

Cone drill bits and protection tips for PDC bits

We’ve developed desirable carbide tips with high hardness to resist abrasion and erosion. Carbide bits are commonly preferred over steel body bits with tips made up of other material for environments in which consists of erosion that is likely to cause a bit to fail. Besides, there are carbide flat tips made for PDC bits’ gauge cutters in case the periphery part gets to wear down.

Carbide tips for heavy-duty machine

Whether working with standard or heavy-duty construction machinery, our carbide tips deliver so high level of torque that enables them to dig through a route or hole in cement, ice, rocks, etc. Besides, they are fabricated for handling some difficult conditions, such as road repaving, underground tunneling, and boring hard shale. No difficulty amounts to much for our carbide tips.

Our tips are capable of cleaning up the pavement, spoil drainage, road milling, and boring support holes. They collaborate with milling drums or picks to knock on the ground, and accomplish the function of milling by smashing materials on ground to pieces

Tips for DTH bits

We roll out carbide tips for percussion drilling must remain sharp in order to perform optimally and try best to make our DTH hammer tips become the fastest ways to drill hard rock that you have ever seen. Not only suitable they are on pneumatic drills, but they can also be employed on water hammer and mud hammer to improve drilling rates in hard rocks and construction footing.

Drill bit for outlet drilling of blast furnace

The function of this drill bits is to open the iron outlet of the blast furnace in time and release molten iron and slag from the blast furnace. Utilized on iron outlet drilling machine boring through the iron outlet hole to let the molten iron and iron slag flowing out. That’s a significant step to facilitate the periodic iron-producing. Because the stemming mud can form a hard shell at high temperature, which has higher hardness up to f8 to f12 in rock rigidity as it’s closer to the furnace core. The drill bit, unlike a rock drill bit operating at normal temperature, requires a thermal resistant ability from 100 ° c to 1000 ° c to avoid plastic deformation and thus falling out of the groove.

Suggested grades

Main specialties of our carbide buttons

  1. Made up of utter virgin carbide powders with high purity of 99.8% and sintered by HIP sintering furnace, our carbide tips are featured with of even density and no pores.  Literally, we have reduced the chance for our buttons to break by 24 %.
  2. With grain size from 2μm to 6μm, our carbide buttons possess with a great performance against abrasive wearing.
  3. Ground by centerless grinders, our buttons are with more precision up to ±0.005mm that assist in tighter welding.