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Tungsten carbide cold heading dies

Carbide forging die materials for mold pellets are mainly used for powdering, rust removal, cleaning atomizing in the field of chemistry, food, machinery, architecture, etc.

More than 800 sorts of products are available. With the accurate dimension, fine atomizing particles and completely burning.

All kind of atomizing plates can be used as optimized for oil burners, furnaces, and other specially purposed heating furnaces. They are used as optimized environment protection products for de-dusting and detergent in the factory that seriously polluted. 

ग्रेड की जानकारी

KN151   Suitable for Mold of High Wear Resistance with Small Reduction in Diameter

KN152   Inner diameter Φ2.1 and below nut and bolt die for stainless steel.

KN201   Suitable for molds to make a straight rod, screws, nuts, High impact fastener etc

KN202    Inner diameter Φ2.1 and above nut and bolt die for stainless steel.KN221   High impact fastener, nut forming dies

KN251  Suitable for High impact fastener Heavy loads nut molds。

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