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Sintered Tungsten carbide Rolls ring for finished carbide roller

GooCarbide start from the finest materials available,manufactures the complete range of grades for the most cost effective rings used nowadays in every modern rod and rebar rolling mills.
Carbide rings are Sinter-HIP (Hot Isostatic Pressing) and can be supplied also fully finished, with smooth and notched grooves.

Carbide rolls should be chosen, when high footage and tonnage are required from roll mill machining. Tungsten carbide increases the tooling life of rolls, lasting up to 10 times longer than conventional tool steel rolls. Right grade and contour keeping are two critical elements for manufacturer who produce rolls locally.

As a professional manufacturer of tungsten carbide roller ring over these years, besides some sophiscated R&D tools like CAD and CNC forming facility are applied to deliver the greatest accuracy and improve suface for our roll blanks, no matter they are solid, split, streamline, cone, or cylinderical. We still stand by the long-term quality of our tools, and prepare variety of standard or special grades for the best use of cemented carbide to make roll blanks.
1.D:outer diameter(228.34-350)mm
2.d: inner diamenter(130-282)mm
3.H: height(30.4-100.1)mm are availble

And your drawings are pretty welcomed.
Wooden box.
For drawing steel and nonferrous wires or bars or tubes,tools or war parts etc.

ग्रेड आवेदन

YG16C      YG16C is used for the most or the whole back frame of finishing mill.

YG8           Can be used as wear-resistant gasket.

YG15         Scissors and high-speed wire rod rolling can be used as fixing system.

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