वुडवर्किंग इंडेक्सेबल चाकू

Solid Tungsten Carbide Woodworking Indexable Knives and Planer Blade


Reversible Knife can be used in all cutter heads with 60° back corrugation, which

are suit for high hardness wood, carpentry board, ploy board.


  • Full types of woodworking knife/blade
  • Various grades for choice
  • High wear resistance,high hardness and impact toughness
  • Advanced technology , automatic pressing , HIP sintering and precision grinding
  • Polished and blanks available
  • Strict tolerance and quality control

ग्रेड चार्ट



Co (%)Grainकठोरता




टीआरएसInmapct strenthApplication
MM1681.090.014.65>31000.50solid wood

density fiberboard


MF013100.691.514.5>36500.28solid wood

density fiberboard

chip board

MF01460.693.014.8>36500.20processing bamboo

other simple shape wooden tools


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