Carbide Blank

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Cooperated with great shipping service agency, we deliver our goods to customer worldwide in a short time.

The traditional vacuum furnace is out of time.HIP sintering furnace is our best way to ensure supreme quality. Moreover, we design every single process to meet your standards.


We handle everything starting from raw material management, and only 100%virgin material is our option.Along with advanced powder mixing techniques, we can make grain size as small as 0.4um 

GooCarbide supplies a wide variety of solid tungsten carbide blanks for hardmetal and carbide tool.

Using only the highest quality raw materials and employing the advanced computer controlled HIP furnaces , we manufacturer solid carbide sintered blanks for cutting tools, dies and wear parts in a variety of specialized applications, including: 3C, automotive, aerospace, construction, oil and gas, energy, paper, firearms, medical, woodworking, recycling, molding, cold heading, and mining,etc.

Solid Carbide Blanks are available in numerous grades and we can also develop new grade for your certain apppliaciotn. As an added feature to your sintered blanks, Meeyou Carbide can provide finished grinding and complex shaping as well.

Carbide Rod

Specialized in tungsten carbide round bars, with an outstanding product line of solid carbide rod and coolant carbide rod, we manufacture and stock carbide rods for you. Our h6 polished chamfered carbide rods are the most popular.

Carbide Metal Cutting Tool

In order to obtain effective machining results, the cutting material must be optimized for the application and suitable for the material to be processed. We tailor our materials to our customers. So whether it is solid carbide circular blade or solid carbide tips, our cutting tool has the longest tool life and process safety

Carbide Woodworking Tools

We manufacture tungsten carbide strips for woodworking knife and other carbide tools like saw tips for woodworking, Indexable knives, Blanks for profiling, and carbide rods for woodworking. To obtain effective machining results, the material must be optimized for the application. Because of it, we offer customized services.

Carbide Wear Parts

GooCarbide’s hard metal products provide solutions for virtually every industry sector, including customer-specific carbide solutions, whether it is hot-rolled steel making, metal-forming wire drawing tools, or wear-resistant parts of medical systems. We make the machine run for longer, the machine parts need less replacement, and replacement time is shorter to avoid the long idle time and increase productivity.


Special Shape Carbide Blanks?

We can make carbide tools as per your drawings!

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